Can I come back to the US without a passport? (2023)

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Can I come back into the US without a passport?

The American Citizen Services Section wants to remind all U.S. citizens not to travel outside the United States without a valid U.S. passport. While dual citizens may be able to travel abroad with alternative documentation, all U.S. citizens are required to present a U.S. passport to re-enter the United States.

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Can I use my birth certificate to come back from Mexico?

U.S. citizen children under the age of 16 (or under 19, if traveling with a school, religious, or other youth group) must present a valid passport, birth certificate or other proof of citizenship. The birth certificate can be original, a photocopy, or a certified copy.

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What if my U.S. passport is running out of pages?

Applicants who need additional pages in their valid passports must obtain a new passport by mail. Applicants within the United States may choose a 28-page or 52-page book.

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What happens if you get stuck in Mexico without a passport?

When traveling in Mexico, the law requires that foreign visitors carry a passport and entry permit. You may be asked to present these documents at any point. If you do not present these documents, immigration authorities may lawfully detain you for up to 60 days while they review your immigration status.

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Can I enter the US with my birth certificate?

However, citizens are not permitted to fly to the US with only a birth certificate under any circumstances. Minors crossing the border with their birth certificate must provide an original or certified copy of their document.

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Can I travel while waiting for my passport?

You cannot travel while your U.S. passport application is still in pending or in process. The only way you can get a passport issued sooner is by applying in person at a regional agency. These agencies require an appointment.

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Can I cross the border with just my ID?

U.S. citizens must present a valid U.S. passport book or card, in addition to an entry permit (Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM) issued by Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM). Travelers should be sure to enter Mexico with valid proof of automobile registration, even if remaining in the border zone.

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Can I cross US border without passport?

Documents You Will Need

All U.S. citizens need U.S. passport books if re-entering by air. Land and sea border crossings accept additional travel documents, such as U.S. Passport cards and Trusted Traveler cards.

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What do you need to come back into the US from Mexico?


It is only valid for travel by land and sea. The card cannot be used for international travel by air. The U.S. Passport Card can be used to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

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How many blank pages needed in passport to enter usa?

U.S. visas are printed into a passport or travel document, not as a separate document or card, which means that one blank page is required for a visa to be printed.

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Do countries still stamp passports?

Most countries issue exit stamps in addition to entry stamps. A few countries issue only entry stamps, including Canada, El Salvador, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Argentina, Australia, Hong Kong, Iran, Israel, Macau and Singapore do not stamp passports upon entry nor exit.

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What are the last 2 pages of passport?

The last two pages are supposed to include the 'Observation' page. Page number 34, 35, 36 and last page with address. This makes the total number of pages to be 10.

Can I come back to the US without a passport? (2023)
Can I go to Mexico if I forgot my passport?

You need an import permit for your vehicle when crossing the border zone in Mexico. For those asking, "Do you need a passport to cross the border by car?" the answer is no. You can travel without a passport. However, you'll still need to have a valid identity document when crossing the border.

Can I come back from Cancun without a passport?

For the purpose of flying into as well as out of Mexico, a Passport is always required for cancun as well. Technically, It must be a legitimate passport book and not just an ordinary passport card, as the card isn't valid to travel internationally. The passport book should have validity for the period of your stay.

What happens if a US citizen loses passport in Mexico?

What Should a U.S. Citizen Do if his/her Passport is Lost or Stolen Abroad? You will have to replace the passport before returning to the United States. Contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate for assistance. Contact information for U.S. embassies and consulates is also available in our country information pages.

How can I travel without a passport?

Where Can I Travel Without a Passport?
  1. Best Places to Travel Without a US Passport.
  2. Puerto Rico.
  3. US Virgin Islands.
  4. Northern Mariana Islands.
  5. American Samoa.
  6. Guam.
  7. Canada.
  8. Mexico.

Does a Social Security card count as proof of citizenship?

A driver's license, social security card, or a voter registration card does not constitute proof of citizenship. ***Applicants may be required to provide additional identifying documentation, which may include, but is not limited to, photographs, medical records, or school records. ***

Can you cross into Mexico with a real ID?

Q: Can I use my REAL ID card to cross the border into Canada and Mexico and for international travel? No. REAL ID cards cannot be used for border crossings into Canada, Mexico or other international travel.

What do I do if I m traveling soon and my passport hasn t arrived?

It may take 8 weeks after you receive your new passport for your supporting documents (e.g. birth certificate or previous passport) to arrive. If you have been waiting more than 8 weeks, contact the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 to report that you have not received your documents.

Can I get my passport on the same day in USA?

For more information on expediting processing, visit the Expedited Service Page at the U.S. Consular Affairs Web Site. If you are traveling within the next two weeks, you may be able to visit the U.S. Passport Office for same-day or next-day processing.

What to do if passport is not ready in time for flight?

Call (877) 487-2778 as soon as they open at 8am Eastern Time. FYI: Their hours are Monday through Friday 8am-10pm ET. They will notify the processing center to expedite in time.

Where can U.S. citizens travel without a passport?

U.S. citizens do not need a passport to travel between the U.S. and these territories:
  • Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.
  • Puerto Rico.
  • U.S. Virgin Islands.

Can you cross the border with an expired passport and ID?

Get Your Passport Today! As of July 1st, 2022, U.S. citizens will be unable to enter the country with an expired passport due to an upgrade to laws implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone traveling with an expired passport should contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate to apply for a new passport.

Can you travel without an ID but with a passport?

Some valid forms of identification you can show include a valid passport, a DHS trusted traveler card, a passport card, or these other valid forms of identification. Verifying your identity really only becomes an issue once you arrive at the security line.

What documents do I need to enter the US?

A citizen of a foreign country who seeks to enter the United States generally must first obtain a U.S. visa, which is placed in the traveler's passport, a travel document issued by the traveler's country of citizenship.

What do you need to cross the US border by car?

Documents Needed to Enter the United States
  1. Passport.
  2. United States Passport Card.
  3. Trusted Traveler Cards – NEXUS, SENTRI, or FAST.
  4. Global Entry Card.
  5. Enhanced Driver's License or Enhanced Identification Card – EDL / EIC.
  6. Military ID or Merchant Marine Document. ...
  7. Enhanced Tribal Card.

How can I find out if I can cross the border?

All you have to do is visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection I-94 request page, and input your full name, date of birth and passport number.

Can I cross the US border with a birth certificate?

Children: U.S. citizen children ages 15 and under arriving by land or sea from a contiguous territory (Canada or Mexico) may present an original or copy of his or her birth certificate (issued by the Vital Records Department in the state where he or she was born), a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or a Naturalization ...

What documents do you need to enter the US from Mexico?

Mexican nationals are required to present a valid passport and visa or BCC when traveling to the United States by land. For travel by sea, Mexican nationals will need to present a valid passport and visa or a valid passport and BCC.

How much can I bring back from Mexico?

You may bring back more than your exemption, but you will have to pay duty on it. In most cases, the personal exemption is $800, but there are some exceptions to this rule, which are explained below. Depending on the countries you have visited, your personal exemption will be $200, $800, or $1,600.

Which countries require blank passport pages?

Blank pages

This requirement could be for either an entry stamp or a visa. Countries that require a passport to have a blank page in order to be stamped include Mexico, Canada, the UK and Germany. Italy, Sweden, Singapore and Iceland along with several others require at least two blank pages for an entry stamp.

Which countries require 6 months on passport?

In Asia, nations like China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand enforce this rule. South American countries like Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia also need a passport that's good for six months.

How long are passports taking?

The average time for a first adult passport to be processed was 17.5 days, child passport renewals are taking around 14 days and applications for a first child passport are being completed in almost 16 days.

Why my passport wasn t stamped when I entered the U.S. in 2023?

My Passport Wasn't Stamped When I entered The US In 2023

The reason is because everything is becoming more digitized and so many paper processes are no longer required. In regards to the entry into the United States, immigration agents will not always stamp the passport, but they do record entry into the country.

Why don t passports get stamped anymore?

More and more countries are instead opting for more effective immigration and customs practices. The alternatives to stamps include no stamps at all. Instead, the process may use landing slips for arrivals or biometric technology for self-service kiosks.

Can you stamp your own passport?

On page five of every U.S. passport, international travelers will find a note saying that the “Alteration or Mutilation of Passport,” is unauthorized and “only authorized officials of the United States or of foreign countries may place stamps or make notations or additions to this passport.”

What happens if you run out of passport pages?

Applicants who need additional pages in their valid passports must obtain a new passport by mail. Applicants within the United States may choose a 28-page or 52-page book.

What is the meaning of black passport?

Diplomatic - Black diplomatic passports are issued to Foreign Service Officers and other persons with diplomatic or comparable status.

What is a purple passport?

Emergency (violet cover) Issuable to citizens overseas, in urgent circumstances, e.g. imminent death and funeral of a family member, lost or stolen passport while abroad, or similar situation. Period of validity: generally one year from the date of issue. An emergency passport may be exchanged for a full-term passport.

Can a US citizen be denied entry without a passport?

U.S. nationals, including dual nationals, must use a U.S. passport to enter and leave the United States. Dual nationals may also be required by the foreign country to use its passport to enter and leave that country.

How fast can I get a U.S. passport?

Processing Times
Routine10 to 13 weeks
Expedited7 to 9 weeks
Expedited at AgencyMust have international travel within 14 calendar days
Mar 24, 2023

Can I use my birth certificate to go to Mexico?

To clarify, U.S. citizens entering Mexico must present proof of citizenship (such as a certified copy of a birth certificate), photo ID and proof of sufficient funds. A passport and visa are not required of U.S. citizens entering Mexico for tourism or for transit for stays of up to 90 days.

Can you come back from Mexico with a driver's license?

When entering the United States, U.S. citizens are required to show passport, U.S. passport card, Trusted Traveler Program card (NEXUS, SENTRI, Global Entry or FAST) or an Enhanced Driver's License.

Do you need proof of return travel for Mexico?

Proof of Return Trip

You are required to have proof that you will leave Mexico within 180 days of arriving. Round-trip airfare works best for this. Many airlines will NOT allow you to board a flight to Mexico without proof of round-trip airfare.

Can a US citizen come back from Mexico with an expired passport?

Answer: According to the U.S. Department of State, all American citizens must possess a valid passport in order to exit and re-enter the United States. Trying to return to the U.S. with an expired passport may result in being denied entrance.

Can I fly back to the U.S. from Mexico with an expired passport?

While urgent travel back to the United States may be accomplished on an expired passport that qualifies for this exception, you will need to renew your U.S. passport, most commonly by mail, in the United States before you can depart the United States again.

How long does it take to replace a passport in Mexico?

Standard processing time: 8 to 10 weeks for you to receive the passport. Otherwise, you can pay an extra fee of $60 for an Expedited service and receive the passport in 4 to 6 weeks.

Do I need a passport to get back to the US if I'm traveling on military leave orders?

Military personnel traveling under orders may present photo ID and orders. Family members must present a passport (with the exception of children 15 and younger arriving by land or sea.)

Can I come back to US with expired passport?

You qualify to travel on your expired passport if all the following are true: You are a U.S. citizen. You are currently abroad seeking direct return to the United States.

Where can a US citizen travel without a passport?

U.S. citizens do not need a passport to travel between the U.S. and these territories:
  • Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.
  • Puerto Rico.
  • U.S. Virgin Islands.

What is the penalty for U.S. citizens entering leaving the US on a foreign passport?

There is none. The law originally provided for a fairly stiff penalty, but it also originally applied in times of war.

Can I enter a country with one passport and exit with another USA?

If you are a holder of a U.S. passport and another passport, a U.S. national or dual national, you must use your U.S. passport to travel in and out of the country.

Can I use my military ID instead of a passport?

You can enter and depart the United States freely with the card and your non-U.S. passport.

Can you cross the border with an ID?

U.S. citizens must present a valid U.S. passport book or card, in addition to an entry permit (Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM) issued by Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM). Travelers should be sure to enter Mexico with valid proof of automobile registration, even if remaining in the border zone.

How long is a passport valid after expiration?

While you can renew your adult passport for up to five years after it expires, you will not be able to travel with your passport if it expires soon. So renew your passport early!

What if my passport is recently expired?

Ways to renew your passport and documents you will need
  • Application - You will need Form DS-82. If you are renewing by mail: You can fill out Form DS-82 online, or. Download Form DS-82 and fill it out by hand, or. ...
  • Passport photo.
  • Passport fee.
  • Your most recent passport.
  • Name change documentation, if necessary.
Apr 26, 2023

Can a US citizen fly within Mexico without a passport?

All citizens of the United States must present a valid passport when entering Mexican territory by any means of transportation. There are no exceptions for minors. Stays less than 72 hours within the border area, do not require an Official Entry Immigration Form (FMM).

When did passports become required for international travel?

During World War I, European governments introduced border passport requirements for security reasons, and to control the emigration of people with useful skills. These controls remained in place after the war, becoming a standard, though controversial, procedure.

Can I leave the US with a travel document?

You can't leave the country until you have your approved travel document in hand, so you should expect to spend the 3–5 months after submitting your green card application in the United States. Theoretically, you could be out of the United States for as long as you have a travel document (one year plus renewals).

Can I get back into the US from Canada without a passport?

Entry into the United States: When traveling by air from Canada, U.S. citizens must present a U.S. passport book or other approved identification document. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website provides a full list of allowable documents.

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